Saving Money On Food Chickpea Summer Salad
69 Ways To Cut Your Grocery Budget Garbanzo Bean Side Salad
Unlike rent, a mortgage, or a car payment, your grocery budget is a major monthly expense that is totally within your control. Creamy beige chickpeas, bright green basil, purple onion, and gleaming red tomatoes. Cheap & filling, but pretty enough to serve to company & so delicious.

Beef Lentil Soup is filling nutritious and frugal Buy Less Food and Still Eat Well
Easy & Frugal Lentil Beef Soup Stop Food Shopping So Much
This recipe came about from digging through my pantry and freezer, tossing what I had in a pot and calling it dinner. It quickly became a family favorite. Whether your wallet is feeling the pinch of a lost paycheck, the holiday season, or an unexpected bill when the time to trim your spending an easy place to start is your grocery budget.

Eat Great Meals Every Night and Only Cook Once a Week Money Doesn't Grow on Trees - Stop Acting Like It Does
I Only Cook Once a Week Give Great Gifts Without Breaking the Bank
One of the ways that we save money is to coordinate our food shopping around a planned menu based on what we already have on hand in our pantry, and what is on sale that week at the supermarket. Gift-giving seems to be one of the hardest times to stick to a budget. But, with a little planning, some creativity, and a bit of effort you can give great gifts and still pinch pennies.

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